Project Description

Client Mission

Watermark is a multi-faceted business that sells and rents out luxurious waterside holiday homes and is located in the beautiful Cotswold Waterpark. The company had a cluster of websites that promoted the holidays, the houses, the waterpark and the blog separately, but they didn’t have a cohesive relationship, which was leading to customer confusion (and at first our own!). The web format itself was restrictive, including limitations on the number of shots that could be used, which is far from ideal when you’re selling aesthetics of the houses and the location. They were at a loss at to how to sort it out and approached Ripple Marketing for support.

Ripple Delivered

A brand new, planned and focussed website that brought together the best of everything they had to offer. We developed the branding to give it more life, a content managed website and an on-going e-mailer, blog and SEO programme to drive continuous traffic to their site.


We understood that their customers had completely different mind sets and needs but we knew that if we segmented their offering well, the client could have a one clear cohesive website to manage, one site to SEO and a clearer and more impactful visualisation of the brand. We ensured that navigation was clear for each customer with an ‘own, stay and play’ theme. What’s more the client is now gaining from cross selling their services.


We enjoy the e-mails from our client when they express their delight at being able to manage some of their own website updates!  Plus the SEO campaign has taken them from not even appearing on Google search to featuring on the first page through organic searches.