Project Description

Client Mission

Regency Glass is a successful B2B glass manufacturing company.  With a reputation for a high quality product, above average service levels and a well trained, committed workforce, the company website was not communicating the calibre of the company.  Regency also wanted to cut down on the number of telephone calls it receives for information, that could easily be dealt with via a digital form.

Ripple Delivered

A new brand idea and a fully populated, resource-based website that services customers and provides a leading edge image.


Understanding how customers use the site was key and so we conducted interviews with key suppliers.  We also put ourselves in the shoes of the homeowners that were mistakingly contacting the company.  By doing this we were able to clearly navigate the site and populate it with meaningful information that customers and consumers can empathise with.


Having a very committed client that ensured this project went well beyond the vision of the company. It was a perfect partnership of a client that worked hard to provide amazing content and Ripple were able to focus on the best way to communicate that information.  Cracking a system that could provide clients with complicated specification sheets were there were dozens of variables, become a personal triumph!