Project Description

Client Mission

Redesmere is a professional services firm that helps clients to deliver complex programmes and structure interventions when programmes run into difficulty. The client has an impressive track record and heritage, and approached Ripple to bring this to life with a brand strategy and brand ID.

Ripple Delivered

We worked with the founder of the company to deliver a brand strategy that reflected his beliefs, personality and heritage which enabled him to move forward with focus and clarity for his own venture.


Redesmere already had heritage in both its name and the founders projects to date.  We built a brand that considered this and also provided a fresh approach to this sector and reflected how their services moves otherwise stuttering businesses forward.


Working with a client whose speciality is to make decisions in a clear and timely fashion was very rewarding and a pleasure to be with.  The brand ID was not diluted along the way and both Ripple and the clients were pleased with the results.