Project Description

Client Mission

Ivy Associates was founded over 3 years ago as a consultancy specialising in helping deliver Business and IT Change initiatives for Financial Services clients. Its heritage is in Big 5 consulting delivery, coupled with 15 years experience of delivering change as a small consultancy. The client had all the experiences and credentials but was lacking in a brand ID and web presence.

Ripple Delivered

A brand strategy, resulting ID and a website that clarified and reinforced Ivy Associates position in the market.


In a service industry, people buy people and so the role of the branding and the website was to provide professional looking and credible support.  We created the brand that worked well within this sector and that the client felt proud to handover in the form of a business card in the first meetings.  The website was dynamic and communicated simply the company mission and essence.


Building a website that was ranked Google number 1 in the first six weeks, without any formal SEO programmes.