Project Description

Client Mission

CorpAcq Ltd is a very successful and professional company that operates in the Corporate Acquisitions Sector. It purchases suitable companies, with a mission to grow and develop them.  CorpAcq approached Ripple Marketing to create a new website that better supported it, both in reflecting the company image and communicating to their potential audience.

Ripple Delivered

Ripple provided a new website which had an increased stature and better communicated the services that the company offers. The system was fully updatable and content-managed to ensure that it was both easy to use and update in house.


When CorpAcq approaches a company with a view to acquiring it, the company is unlikely to have heard of CorpAcq and as with most things, may turn to Google research the company and their intentions.  So not only did we make the website look professional, it was also important that it was reassuring and catered for those companies that had been selected.


The highlight was the developing working relationship that emerged from the initial project.  The client is both professional and a pleasure to work with, so we have gone on to support both them and their business portfolio in other aspects of the business.