Project Description

The Client’s Mission

ASDA spend a considerable amount of budget promoting their produce ranges – in this case, their meat range. The client required a piece of film to demonstrate to their suppliers how their products were supported by heavy seasonal promotions. This had to be delivered faster then the incumbent agency could produce, but at a standard that ASDA expect.

Ripple Delivered

We created a film that gave a walk through of the media that an ASDA consumer may encounter in their daily life and illustrated it from the point of view of the customer. To give the film high production values we used a combination of CGI and real life footage to give something that was original and looked liked it cost a whole lot more than it did. This was produced and delivered in ten days.

Because of the quality of our work, we then went on to design web advertising and research concepts to demonstrate how ASDA could communicate the freshness of their produce and how long it would stay fresh for, which is of particular use for online grocery purchases.


In this case it was a filming style that was a combination of animation and actual footage to give the film a professional edge. It as also proposing something which we were 100% that we could deliver in the time period – largely due to the long term partners that we have in place.


The client’s email from ASDA when we sent over the rough cut:-

‘Just wow. This was better than anything I expected’.

And of course, delivered on time and on budget helped.