Project Description

Client Mission

Agnito approached Ripple to breathe life into their marketing programme. They had multiple facets to their business that were not pulling together and with this came multiple websites. They were frustrated with their marketing and felt they were missing out on online sales enquiries. Agnito needed marketing support to take their brand into a new era.

Ripple Delivery

Ripple created an ‘emotions campaign’ for Agnito. This creative idea enabled a consisted theme across all elements of their business. It empathised how technology can make your feel. When it works you feel elated, emotional and happy-beyond-belief. When it fails it can make you feel like banging your head on the desk or throwing your PC out of the window!

The campaign was launched on a new single website that Ripple created, complete with a new navigation system that catered for how people use technology, according to their functional needs. The campaign was then used across trade campaigns, exhibitions, leaflets and outbound e-mailers created by Ripple.


By empathising how people feel and making them smile in the process we were able to make them read on and connect with the brand. By looking at the site from the customers point of view, the website was transformed so that it works for the customer and not just based on the product portfolio that Agnito offer. The end result was an easier to navigate site.


The smile on the MD’s face when he saw his new site for the first time and a huge order coming from the web in the first three months.

“Ripple Marketing have been brilliant for Agnito, helping to develop our brand and raise awareness of our business. From the start, Ripple Marketing spent time to fully understand Agnito and our offering and have done this so passionately and effectively that it is hard to imagine a time when they were not part of our team. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Ripple Marketing for their creativity, reliability, experience and professionalism.”

Thomas Jenkinson